Breakfast - The most important Meal of the Day

Our Breakfast - The most important Meal of the Day

Buffet with large Selection

Buffet with a large Selection

Well stocked Buffet

Well stocked Buffet

Many different Options

Many different Options to choose from

Breakfast - sweet

Breakfast - sweet or savoury

Something for every taste

Something for every taste

Food and Drink unite Body and Soul

„Food and Drink unite Body and Soul.“- the old adage is more valid than ever in our modern and fast-paced world. That's why we thought about what we, as a small family business, can do to offer you a healthy, nutritious and delicious breakfast.

We have implemented the following for you:

  • - ein Sortiment frischer Wurstwaren vom ortskundigen Metzger
  • - an assortment of fresh sausages from the local butcher
  • - organic certified teas from Eilles
  • - ausschließlich hausgemachten Marmeladen, solange die Saison und der Vorrat es zulässt, aus dem Schleißheimer Schlossgarten
  • - exclusively homemade jams, as long as the season and stocks permit, from the Schleißheim Chateau gardens
  • - honey from our hard-working chateau garden bees
  • - eggs from the local chicken farm Johann Dallmair, who put great weight on home-made feed

Enjoy our breakfast buffet and bolster yourself for your exciting day in the Bavarian Capital - Munich.

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