Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Family-owned since the 19th century.

The Hotel Blauer Karpfen in the north of Munich has been family-owned since the 19th century.
It started by Maria and Kasper Maier who were succeeded by Franz I, then Franz II, and then Franz III. Gerhart Maier has managed the hotel since 2007 and he was joined by his daughter Bianca Maier in 2020.
Regardless of whether the company was run as a simple tavern with guest rooms, a butcher's shop or as a hotel, the goal was always the same:

  • bringing people together in Schleissheim
  • to bring tourists closer to Schleissheim
  • receive people as guests and let them leave as friends.

These principles are still upheld today and are our most important guidelines.
Every employee who joins our family is given a warm welcome right from the start.
Apart from the necessary qualification, what counts for us is the chemistry and the person behind an applicant and that it is more important for the employee to be part of a family than just a staff number.

"Choose a job you love and you won't have to work a day in your life"
Our entire company lives by this sentence.
Mutual respect, cohesion, fun with each other and always being there for each other. That describes our entire team.

We also welcome our guests with these values, who are more to us than just a guest number, because:
"We welcome them as guests and say goodbye to them as friends"

Together with our employees, we try to meet every requirement of our guests. The range of services we offer is wide, for example:

  • to explore Schleissheim, we offer bicycle or e-bike rental
  •  Do you need tickets for public transport or for a hop-on hop-off tour of Munich? No problem, we'll take care of it.
  •  Are you coming to us with an electric car? No problem, we have a charging station for you.
  •  Would you like to give a loved one a nice surprise? We offer various packages, such as: Girls/Boys Day, weekend for lovers, Munich experience and much more.

At our rich breakfast buffet, our guests can expect homemade jam, regional products and homemade cakes. Of course, take the allergies of our guest seriously and respect them. Also there are always lactose-free products available and, if required we also offer gluten-free and vegan products. Because no guest shall leave us hungry.
We have also thought about the comfort for our guests.
In addition to the comfortably furnished rooms, which were renovated in 2015 and 2016, all bathrooms were renovated in 2021. With beautiful pictures in the bathrooms and with a bathtub/shower, it is now easy to to relax in every bathroom and escape from everyday life.

We have also thought of recreational programs for our guests:

  • Every year in July we organize a summer festival together with our Greek Restaurant, where the whole of Schleissheim can celebrate with us and our guests
  • Will you be visiting us in December? We also of good times, as we organize a Christmas market, where there are many delicacies and also intended for the entertainment of the little visitors.

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